Good morning little ones, lol. (: I don’t really know why I’m updating so early ‘cus so far shit ain’t happened. Well my sister watched Hich school musical 3 last night and now she’s going to start to learn all the dances in it. So when I was doing my make-up she came in and taught me the first part of the first dance, lol. And I kinda volunteered to learn the rest of it with her, hmm we’ll see how that works out though. Haha.

And as per I’m not hungry. So breakfast for me is green tea and crunchy bread ( I have no idea what it’s called in english ), only to start my metabolism so my body don’t go bananas or something. I’m thinking about bringing some green tea to school but that might just be weird? + I don’t think I have the time for it. I’ll do it some other day (:

At the moment I’m watching Mtv breakfastclub, Disturbia is on (: Hmm, I’m starting to like it again, might download it. Anyway gotta go brush me teeeeeeeeeth (;



Justin bobby (; Rawrrrr!


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