No studying abroad in Scotland for me, instead I’m going to Malta with me mates (Y) Good times, yus!

Oh finally started on my history novel/essay about the spanish inquisition. We’re suppose to pretend to be a person during a specifik event or something along those lines, and I choose the spanish inquisition, to be more precise I’m going to be a inquisitor (; If you don’t know what a inquisitor is, well google it. Haha, the word inquisitor comes from the latin quaerere>inquire- to seek out, and that’s basically what they did, seeked out heresy and eliminated it. That is quiet breifely what a inquisitor does. And I intend to pretend to be one, haha (:

So SpongeBob Squarepants is on telly and that is what I’m watching at the moment, good show (:

Oh having a small coursework/assignment about Shakespeare, about his plays (: And me and a friend got King Lear, anyone who’s heard about it? If you do please explain it a bit for me ‘cuz it’s quite complex to be frank. It seems quite interesting though with the whole family twist, about who’s inherit what and just plain mischevious plans that are being plotted behind peoples backs. No one can be trusted, haha. Ah well (:

I’m off to play inquisitor, byeeeeeeee (;



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