I got my maths book today, finally and I’m getting my maths on fer sure. Can’t stop me now I’m on a roll people (; No seriously, I actually think it’s fun and easy 😀 But life over all nowadays is like ” sing hallelujha” I can honestly say that I’m full on happy.Everythings just el perfecto (;

Got a new bag today and I want more bags,  me and a friend are thinking about buying shizzles from Asos and Asos=Heavennnnnnnnnn!

End of this pointless rant, bye mayyyyytes (;


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No studying abroad in Scotland for me, instead I’m going to Malta with me mates (Y) Good times, yus!

Oh finally started on my history novel/essay about the spanish inquisition. We’re suppose to pretend to be a person during a specifik event or something along those lines, and I choose the spanish inquisition, to be more precise I’m going to be a inquisitor (; If you don’t know what a inquisitor is, well google it. Haha, the word inquisitor comes from the latin quaerere>inquire- to seek out, and that’s basically what they did, seeked out heresy and eliminated it. That is quiet breifely what a inquisitor does. And I intend to pretend to be one, haha (:

So SpongeBob Squarepants is on telly and that is what I’m watching at the moment, good show (:

Oh having a small coursework/assignment about Shakespeare, about his plays (: And me and a friend got King Lear, anyone who’s heard about it? If you do please explain it a bit for me ‘cuz it’s quite complex to be frank. It seems quite interesting though with the whole family twist, about who’s inherit what and just plain mischevious plans that are being plotted behind peoples backs. No one can be trusted, haha. Ah well (:

I’m off to play inquisitor, byeeeeeeee (;


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Me and Papi is going to bake cinnamonbuns, yum yum. I can’t be arsed with writing some long rant today, too tired. So that’s about it. Hoho (; So I’m just gonnerr post a pic of my dog (:


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Fuck it.

Viva la france my ass. I’ve come to hate the french and their effin’ revoluiton. :@ And Napoleon for that matter! FUCK THAT SHIT.

I just need to get my anger out about the whole quizzlet thing (: It’s all good now, hoho. And now back to les studyingggg (;

My favorite song at the moment (:

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Good morning little ones, lol. (: I don’t really know why I’m updating so early ‘cus so far shit ain’t happened. Well my sister watched Hich school musical 3 last night and now she’s going to start to learn all the dances in it. So when I was doing my make-up she came in and taught me the first part of the first dance, lol. And I kinda volunteered to learn the rest of it with her, hmm we’ll see how that works out though. Haha.

And as per I’m not hungry. So breakfast for me is green tea and crunchy bread ( I have no idea what it’s called in english ), only to start my metabolism so my body don’t go bananas or something. I’m thinking about bringing some green tea to school but that might just be weird? + I don’t think I have the time for it. I’ll do it some other day (:

At the moment I’m watching Mtv breakfastclub, Disturbia is on (: Hmm, I’m starting to like it again, might download it. Anyway gotta go brush me teeeeeeeeeth (;



Justin bobby (; Rawrrrr!

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I wanna die, I wanna die. I am the willing.

The title says it all and I can’t be arsed with anything. So I’m just going to rant a bit about what’s bugging me at the moment.

 I’m not hungry for anything nowadays, just thirsty all the time. Good or bad? You tell me, to be honest it’s starting to piss me off a bit but I guess is good in some ways. 

I don’t have a math book yet and I’m in desperate need of one. Since, well I have pretty important math exam coming up.

I’m restless like fuck. I need a change, move away somewhere, start over. Become brand new. So please, a new environment thank you very much!

Funeral on friday, I’m really not looking forward to it. I full on hate funerals, they’re just plain boring, depressing and yerr black. Lol.

History exam, I’m so not prepared. Need to study more but can’t be arsed.

History essay/novel, fuck off and die. I haven’t even started yet, I just don’t know how to start writing so fuck it.

I’m skint. Seriously, the people living in Africa is richer than me at the moment. ( No offence).

I have to wait ‘til friday for the next episode of Skins to launch.

Hmpf, enough with the rant. Hahaha, I really can’t be arsed with being a grouchy bitch, so fuck being depressed. I’m going for pizza now. BYEEEEEEEE

P.s I really don’t like William control, I just thought that those lyrics would suit, lol. Hahaha. I’m so taking the piss out if his music. Sorryy. XD

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Let’s get together, yeah.

I’m just going to post a short update ‘cuz I have to go and get readyyyy. So today I’m going to meet up with Carro in town to buy prezzis for les birthday kids. Yerr, I’m going to ”childrens” party today, lol. So I’ll update later when I got some pictures to post aswell (:

So off I go, byeeeeeeeeeeeee

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