I wanna die, I wanna die. I am the willing.

The title says it all and I can’t be arsed with anything. So I’m just going to rant a bit about what’s bugging me at the moment.

 I’m not hungry for anything nowadays, just thirsty all the time. Good or bad? You tell me, to be honest it’s starting to piss me off a bit but I guess is good in some ways. 

I don’t have a math book yet and I’m in desperate need of one. Since, well I have pretty important math exam coming up.

I’m restless like fuck. I need a change, move away somewhere, start over. Become brand new. So please, a new environment thank you very much!

Funeral on friday, I’m really not looking forward to it. I full on hate funerals, they’re just plain boring, depressing and yerr black. Lol.

History exam, I’m so not prepared. Need to study more but can’t be arsed.

History essay/novel, fuck off and die. I haven’t even started yet, I just don’t know how to start writing so fuck it.

I’m skint. Seriously, the people living in Africa is richer than me at the moment. ( No offence).

I have to wait ‘til friday for the next episode of Skins to launch.

Hmpf, enough with the rant. Hahaha, I really can’t be arsed with being a grouchy bitch, so fuck being depressed. I’m going for pizza now. BYEEEEEEEE

P.s I really don’t like William control, I just thought that those lyrics would suit, lol. Hahaha. I’m so taking the piss out if his music. Sorryy. XD


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