To the zoooo (;

Yes, today is the day I’ve been waiting for. Well, been waiting for like 2 weeks , lol. Anyway so me and Carro are going to the zoo today. Ace! I’m probably going to take bare amounts of pictures so some of them are surely going to pop up here. Nice, eyy (:

So at the moment I’m relaxing infront of the tellyyyy and Mtv is on, of courseeeee. So right now Madonna is grinding and shaking it, and frankly that’s not OK. I mean come on, how old is she now? She’s in her mid 40;eis or something, can’t remember. Anyway, and it’s not OK(in my opinion) to dance like that and dress like your vagina is about to say ‘helloooooo, I’m Madonnas vaginaaaa 8D’. Not OK, I feel sorry for her kids actually, think of poor Lordes she’s a teen now? Can’t be that cool having a Mum almost showing her vagina on tv, yeah. I know I wouldn’t. I don’t like Madonna, end of.



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