Tuesday, fuck.

So yesterday I had some of my mates over, some got sick so they couldn’t come, unlucky. Anyway, we all met up in town to rent a couple of movies, Devil’s chair, Escape from Guantanamo bay, Saw V. We went food shooping aswell. We bought like 1 kilo worth of candy, yes! I’m serious, bare amounts. Can’t remember if we ate it all, I believe my sister stole it. We made tacos, watched the movies and ended it all with Shark sex. Shark sex is a show on animal planet and it’s about well sharks having sex, kind of.

It was a pretty mint night in my opinion. Carro and Lillemor stayed the night, so they went home like an hour ago or so.

Here’s some pics from the evening.




Aww I love them to bits ❤

It’s tuesday today, my so called studyday. I really need to study history even though it sucks and I have no idea how I’m going to start writing the essay/novel. Arrgh, I believe my history teacher is trying to mindfuck us. Seriously, can’t think of any other explination why he gave us this shitty assignment. Bleh!

Ah well I’m going to hit the shower now woopwoop, don’t wanna smell like a moldy penis, eyy (;



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  1. I love animals. Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!


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