I can’t explain with words how much I hate french history, no offense french people but your kings and queens quite frankly suck. Seriously it’s no fun reading about it all again. Gosh, fuck the french revolution. You would think that I should already know all the stuff there is to know about France and the french revolution since I’ve been a little history nerd. Yes, I’m serious and I was especially interested in France, lol. I read so much about french history when I was little, it’s like untrue, haha. AND I got like an A in french history in the 9th grade so like how the fuck did i manage to fail this little quizzlet? God knows, maybe I’m getting senile, lol.

So tomorrow me and my wifey are going to gothenburg, hopefully finding some new clothes. I’m all about the bohemian style now. Oh dear, haha. I change my style of clothing faster than well girls change knickers, hahaha. I need to buy more necklaces, bracelets, I don’t have enough. lol. I need( well want, lol) shoes, especially more high heels, can’t get enough of them kinds of shoes. I love that you feel all tall and sexy in them, lol.

Arrgh, I can’t wait ‘til tomorrow. I just wanna go, spend money and get bare amounts of new fancy clothes! Oh well, guess I’ll gotta wait ‘til tomorrow, suckii!

Watching ‘Life of Ryan’ at the moment, he’s a cutie (: And his little brother, the youngest, is so adorable, makes me wish I had a little brother (:

Ah well now I’m going food shopping with Papi (:




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