I had a dream….

Ah I’m so happy today 😀 All my mates are coming around my casa tonight but first we’re going to meet up in town so we can rent some movies (:

Anyway I’m bored as fuck and need something to do. I can’t go and get ready ‘cuz it’s way too early and I’m too tired to study but maybe a should give it a go anyway. Hmm can’t decide if I like history or not, ah well. I gotta finish my essay/novel about the spanish inquisition, haven’t even started yet 😦 Not good, yeah.

So I had a dream (lol) about Scotland, should I take that as a sign? Ah fuck it, I’ll just flip a coin or something, hahaha. Maybe I should go and have a chat with the student counsellor first 😛


Beautiful, isn’t it (:


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