I need to make up my mind about the whole studying abroad thing. Can’t decide where to go! What if I decide to go to like Brighton and then after being there for awhile I don’t like it, then what am I supposed to do? Be homesick all the time? Noooo. I think I might be overreacting abit though, haha.

Anyway Brigthon looks so prettyyy and people says it’s called ‘London by the sea’, lol. Can’t get any better eyyy (;


I seriously want to live in teh UK to be able to shop ‘til I drop from all the fancyy stores, yeah ): But unfortunately I don’t, buhu. I’ve fallen in love with various items from ASOS! And I believe that ASOS is god!

Iwant it, I want it(8)


Oh and I love these but since my toes are non existant, I can’t wear those kind of shoes. I WISH!


Arrrgh it makes me so frustrated and pissed off at my freaking hobbit feet! Hmm, I wonder if you can have like a toe-transplantation? no?

Ah well tomorrow I’ll have all me mates overrr, wiii!

Byeeee (;



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