Morninggg or something (:

So yesterday was well okay had fun, except for this bloke using every chance given to feel me up + he was trying to get me drunk, seriously not OK. He was all like ‘you need to get more drunk yeah, here drinkdrinkdrink’. Not fun. Anyway, saw some familiar faces, met som new yadayadayaa. (: But I went home quiet early because to be honest it really isn’t that fun going out and getting drunk in some random guys flat. lol.

So todays valentine and I don’t feel the pressure from it, go me. haha (: Just going be with my family and friends tonight. ❤

Oh and my new top, the one with the heart on it, smells like shit now really. Everyone was smoking and everything so of course my top smell of fags now, eww. In the washing machine it goesss.

So I’ve been thinking about studying abroad for a semester or two. But I don’t know where, I was thinking Ireland? Scotland? Brighton? London? Pretty confused, can’t make up me mind because everything looks and sound like so much fun, haha. 

At the moment I’m watching Animalplanet, thinking about going and do something else. Hmm.

Ah well byeeee (:



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